Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hold me up...

OK... took in a last drawing session at the Alumni SVA Life Drawing class before heading overseas to meet my destiny at Menirva Medica in Rome. Not exactly a confidence builder... but the old man can still churn out a 10 to 15 minute drawing with at least basic art school proficiency.

This by rights should be my last drawing on United States soil for the next half a month or so...
Hopefully I'll have some decent work to post from my travels in Italy when I next return to this blog.

I won't lie to you folks... I'm terrified.
When I'm standing in front of that ancient edifice, the time for excuses and hesitation will be over. I'll have to earn my reputation the same way the giants before me earned theirs... I only hope that they still have room enough on their well-trodden shoulders for my unsteady feet.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ok... another page in the can.
This one needed to get done before my big trip to Italy to confront the Minerva Medica in Rome...

I have the next page well in hand and it should be partially finished before I leave... I only regret that my paintings will remain somewhat untouched until I return. I simply haven't the time to put any meaningful work into them before I depart... shameful really.

Still, upon the completion of my journey overseas... I should return to work on them with renewed vigor and inspiration!!!
The work I'm doing bears an aspect of it's source from these lands, so I can only assume that I shall reap the benefits of walking in the very footsteps of some of the wordsmith philosophers that crafted many of the inspirations for my paintings.

I travel to the land of the Gods... and I shall bear their mighty spirits back with me...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"The Good with the Bad..."

OK... here is the flyer/poster for the Dynamic Comic Book Anatomy Class I'm set to teach at the Art Students League here in the city.

This class, along with my Italian drawing commission (more on this in a later post) serves to compose the recent positive progress in my life... and they greatly offset the interfering obstacles that have lately afforded me little sleep.

I hope that this course garners enough interest (see: enrollment) to warrant its existence.

Cross your fingers with me...