Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just a short supplementary post today... some drawings I did the eve of my birthday this past Friday.
I was lucky that these turned out as competent as they did... I had a meeting with someone very important to me that evening after the session, and I was so excited to meet them that I could hardly concentrate on the work.

As luck would have it... or more specifically, MY luck... we missed each other by 5 minutes.
This is the way it is for me.

Still, something good came of it. Maybe there is a bit of intensity in the lines of these drawings that would not have been there otherwise...

The first is a 12 minute sketch... the second a five minute attempt.

The 5 minutes.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Good to the last drop..."

Ok... another tough page in the books.
This one had a lot of tricky effects to it... I'm hoping that playing some of the background elements off the foreground action was successful. Who knows anymore;-)

Yesterday was also my birthday... a rather somber one in some ways... but in others... it was somewhat empowering.
Yes... things could be a great deal better (and not much worse)... but in spite of this, one fact remains...

I'm still here.

Just going to keep plugging away.
Something's got to give sooner or later.
I just have to be positive and be willing to be open to new possibilities... stop doubting myself.

Hey... it's a new year for me...

It's on!