Monday, April 25, 2011


Another bit of progress...
Still struggling a bit with this one as I am trying to transition into more of a flat color schema as opposed to the heavily gradated style I used previously for the interior scenes. Hopefully, this will better fit with the prior and finishing exterior shots without making this sequence seem too out of synch with the rest of the story proper.
We shall see...

Also, here is a promotional design for the new sculpting class I hope to teach at the Art Students League this summer... wish me luck;-)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Backside Backside Squat

Ok... some sketch work from the SVA Drawing Class I periodically attend...
Nothing too fancy, but it keeps the hand moving, the technique sound, and the wrist somewhat supple.

Can't let the old man get too rusty, now can we?

I'm curious if someone looking at these or prior drawings would wonder why I usually eschew drawing the facial details of the model and instead focus on the limbs, torso, and abdomen...
Truth is, I'm not all that interested in capturing a portrait of the sitter... I'm more drawn the the mass... the volume and weight that the figure occupies in deep space. Sure, a little extra observation results in a pleasant immediate result with a recognizable likeness... but in the meager time allowed by these short poses, I'm much more compelled to get at the core of the figure than represent the face of the model specifically.

Still... every so often it is good to flex the old foundation muscles and bang out a very quick likeness.

These are all 3 to 15 minute poses... it's fairly easy to see which one is what.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Another tough page bites the dust...

I'm just trying to keep chipping away at this project with a even level of enthusiasm now...
Trying to keep the pages consistent.

The earlier pages were quite simple... flat color and subtle gradations.
Once the titular character hit the final interior, I kinda went crazy with the techniques I'd learned recently and it's become a bit over-wrought compared to the clarity of the earlier work.
I'm hoping to switch back to the simple color schema once the story moves back into the exterior setting at the end.
We'll see...

Working on notes for the next session of my class at the League on the 16th... the first Comic Book Anatomy Class there seemed to be somewhat successful and I'm hoping to keep the momentum going for the following installations.

Wish me luck... "Go Sugar Rooster!!!"