Sunday, December 16, 2012


Another year is at it's cusp... and I'm not sure if I'm any the wiser for it.
I feel like I am still chasing after giants that disappear as soon as I manage to trace their footsteps...

Still, I am grateful for what I have and the possibilities before me.

I'm going to really try to be a better artist next year... that is to say, I will try my utmost to actually produce enough good work to warrant calling myself an artist in the coming months.
Wish me luck...

Here are a few 10 minutes sketches from the recent SVA Alumni drawing classes I periodically attend.  Nothing spectacular... but hopefully solid, workmanlike examples of someone who understands the physicality of the human frame.

I'll do better next time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Another sketch session in the books... 

This one was tough.  I just wasn't in the mood and my tools seemed to fight me at every turn... the conté crayons resisted the paper surface... and the poor lighting situation made carving out the figure difficult.  Boo hoo.  Still, some decent work came of the effort... it is just too bad that I didn't get better drawings of this model.  She had a very dramatic figure and small fluted waist compared to her shoulders and hips.

A 10 minute up top, followed by a few 1 and 3 minute drawings... and punctuated by another 10 and a couple 15 minute attempts.  Even the less accomplished ones teach me something.

Better luck next time.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Now that the Halloween madness has subsided... and Hurricane Sandy has washed the gooky layers of half-dried spray adhesive and crumbling hot glue from my person... I've decided to get back to work.

Here are a few sketches from the last few drawing sessions at the SVA Alumni class...
The usual assortment of 1, 3, and 15 minute drawings in conté crayon.  Mostly just maintenance work... trying to keep the hand supple between paintings.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What happens between giant foam heads and LED eyes...

Some semi-recent sketches from another drawing session at SVA... more maintenance work.
Nothing fancy or special... just nuts and bolts to keep the pipes viable.

A 3 minute and couple of 15 minute sketches.  My style seems to be slowly changing before me... or perhaps in spite of me.  I'm eager to see what they will look like a dozen or so years from now... looser and less hatched... more tonal and less linear... who knows.

More to come... and hopefully the cartoon for my next painting.
Just have to get through Halloween and I'll be working for myself again...

Keep it up, old man;-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pushing Chalk...

Some images from the newly resumed SVA Alumni Drawing class I sometimes attend... just to keep the old hand moving.

Some decent work... mostly just workmanlike renderings.  The last time I saw this model I was able to get more.  Actually got a decent portrait sketch in under 15 minutes or so...

Check it out

I hope to have finished images of the Poseidon piece soon... cross your fingers...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


August 14th...

My Father would have been 70 today.

This day always sort of sneaks up on me every year...  and I'm never really sure what to do or how to behave in order to mark the occasion.

He and I only found common ground in the few years before his sudden death in 2004... before then he was both the rock AND hard place of my life; my greatest idol and most savage adversary in one.
I struggled to step from within his giant shadow and forge my own identity... in spite of what sometimes seemed to be his best efforts to stymie me.

Those dark times, strangely enough, were perhaps his greatest gift.
 Coupled with every curse I muttered under my breath was a secret desire to make him proud.

I thought that every mile I put between us was another brick in the wall that would keep me protected from his disappointment at my failures... his furious incomprehension of my chosen vocation.
I built that wall strong and high... at that time it was probably the only thing I did with complete confidence and clear purpose.
It took a lot of patience to do it... a careful respect for process and an organized plan for construction.
As the time passed, I was less concerned about the thing itself and more centered on how shocked he would be when he realized what I had accomplished.

I'd show him.

It took almost 30 years to live up to those words.
And all it took was a simple phonecall to knock down a wall that took most of my lifetime to build.

You see... the very strength and resistant resolution of my fortifications were mortared with everything he'd ever taught me.  Through his challenges to my calling... his unflinching demands for integrity and achievement... he had inadvertently engineered my drive for success.  Surely he had wanted an easier time for me, a more elevated career perhaps... but in spite of his heavy-handed efforts and my willful disobedience...  he had successfully molded me into a responsible adult.

He said to me that he'd always thought I'd come home with my tail between my legs... asking for his help... and that when those things never came to pass he finally knew me as a man instead of just his oldest son.

I wish I'd had the forethought then to tell him that my Father taught me better than that.

I miss him.



Just finished a private client version of my "Sculpt-A-Saurus" class I usually teach at The American Museum of Natural History... with tremendous results!

The kids I teach for the Museum's after-school program run the gamut of High School
ages... roughly 13 to 18 years of age. 
This boy is a 10 year old.
He built and painted this Tyrannosaurus Rex with his own hands... I only gave instructional pointers and made the occasional stupid voice and goofy face to keep him focused;-)

The work itself says far more than I could in the 
 space provided here.

This is why I do this.

Monday, July 23, 2012

In the books...

Another workshop at the Art Students League is over...

This one was the class I wanted to teach from the beginning.
It felt closest to what I once daydreamed I might do while looking out from my bedroom window at the winding curve of Aspen trail in Austin, Texas as a 14 year old boy...

It was awkward and clumsy... but it was the best I've felt about myself in many years.
I believe this is that one thing.  You know, that thing that your parents told you about when you said you weren't sure what you wanted to be when you grew up...

I don't think I've ever felt so sated after a class before... so accomplished.
This felt very right to me.

 More things brewing beneath the surface... both good and bad... only time will tell which rises to the top.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Things are in flux...
I've got a few things balanced on an uncertain precipice... waiting for results that have no certain arrival.

This sort of waiting can be literally paralyzing... creatively at least.

It won't last for long... but it is at these times when my resolve is the weakest.
It almost seems as though I have to come to a solid stumbling block before I can really make any real creative progress... or at least that has been my justification in the past.  Things only finally rumble forward after great disappointment.  Hopefully, all will fall true to form and I can look forward to a small personal renaissance ahead.

Keep your fingers crossed...

Two 30 second sketches... one 3 minute... and three 15 minute drawings.
Stiff... but at least serviceable.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping afloat...

More creative troubles brewing on the horizon... striving to stay positive.
I suppose that I can't agonize over things I cannot directly control... just need to roll with it and try to turn it all into a learning experience.

Still... some good news for a change would certainly be welcome.

Some sketches from last weeks session at SVA... great model (and, as it turns out, a talented & prolific street artist to boot).  Some various drawings... 3 to 15 minutes.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Some unforeseen delays and mishaps have my graphic novel publication in a potentially permanent stall... so I'm trying to keep distracted as to not fall into despair creatively.

Infuriating as all this is, perhaps it will galvanize me into artistic action...

Here's hoping...

In the meantime, here's some 10 and 15 minute sketches from a recent male model at SVA... along with a quick 3 minute sketch of gal from last week.