Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sure... more than five characters in one panel fits GREAT in a thumbnail sketch...

Man... it just seemed to fit together so effortlessly in the script and preliminary page layouts...

I am an idiot.

I did my best to capture the unchecked frenzy of forced entry and sloppy close-quarters combat in these panels. There are a lot of details that need to be clearly seen among the rushing bodies... the camera swap... the tape cassette tuck... I just hope that in the finish the panels will seem at least a bit less frenetic. Without dialogue to guide the reader, I have to rely on a sort of carefully directed bedlam in order to get the manic atmosphere across along with the necessary visual cues that drive the narrative forward. Controlled chaos at work...


Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Good to see you posting more regularly...now where are other's people's comments...?

Dan Springer said...

Hey Greg,
Great drawing as usual; are you going to color it or keep it black and white?

Good to see you again earlier at Cam's going away party.

Greg said...

Nice to see you dropping in again. I guess no comments are better than pity-praise, eh?

It will be colored similarly to the last story... local color (chromatic greys) and dramatic lighting instead of contrasting hues for accents. Each section of the story will have a color code that represents each location or time of day as the story progresses.

It was good to see you too... awkward as it was.
I'm glad that the whole cartooning gig is still treating you well.

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

I'll be a regular dropper...hopefully there will be new stuff to see as the days roll along.

Jim Dobb said...

Ah... Mr.Follender I presume. There is only one person I know who can unleash entire new worlds from the tip of a pencil with such graceful precision.
I would much preferred to have contacted you individually rather than commentary on a semi-public bulletin board.
Drop me an e-mail by placing a period between my first and last then adding gmail at the end.
Keep up the good work. And yes, the rats are winning. They always win and eventually eat us. But, we will continue on for the hell of it!

Greg said...

Thanks for the kind praise, Mr. Dobb!

I'll endeavor to keep one step ahead of the rats in the future!

Jim Dobb said...

Greg, It would be good to catch up with you again. You are at some of the funniest moments of my youth. I recall you describing Tony's sister as have the most "amazing... shoes" just as she stepped down the stairs behind you. A save that convinced all of us oversexed guys that maybe, just maybe, guys do have intuition. For Tina, did have perfectly rounded and beautifully sized 'shoes' to go along with the body and face of Venus. Another case and point of someone who always picked 'the jerks.'

Greg said...

OMG Jim...

I SO remember that moment, my friend! Just reading about you recounting it caused the scene to leap into instant clarity for me... like it had only happened yesterday!

Yes... poor gal. Her Father didn't like me,... so I got the boot. Too bad too... we really got along well. I dug her a lot.. and I honestly believe that she dug me as well.

Thanks for bringing that memory back for me, Jim... it actually brought tears to my eyes when it fully hit me. Those were such good times... innocent times.
I owe you for that brief glimpse into the past that I had forgotten... thank you.

Yes,... we should stay in touch now, Jim. I tried to send you an e-mail last night, but it kept bouncing back to me. Perhaps I mis-typed your address?

Regardless... I truly appreciate hearing from you again, sir. I can still hear your voice as if we had just conversed recently... you had an interesting cadence in the way you spoke... very memorable.

And for the record, Jim... Tina's "shoes" were as soft and yielding as fine velvet... they fit her perfectly.


Jim Dobb said...

Greg, Glad you remember. Try jim.dobbATgmail.com. Replace the AT with the symbol. And, yes, I have become a little paranoid of the robots which scrub sites for e-mails to spam. Look forward to hearing from you. Anato No Yujin Desu. Mata Ne.