Saturday, December 18, 2010

"All right, Herr Zeichner... I'm ready for my close-up.."


More progress.
I'm trying to keep moving while work has slowed down stopped.
I'm hoping to squeeze another out before the end of the year... maybe two;-)

I still can't get over how washed-out these low res scans are... but I just can't post the massive true files here;(

My Italian commission arrived with warm reviews this afternoon, so another heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders.
I can't tell you what a relief this was... after the pressure of having to unearth my dusty, old architectural rendering skills for display for a respected client. All's well that ends well, I suppose.

Now, to get more work done on my paintings...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mythologically Challenged...

Spent a little time painting today for a change...
Too much freelance crap has keeping me more focused on paying the bills than doing the work that I truly want to do.

After about 5 hours of work, I think I've actually gone backwards as far as progress is concerned... but I feel like I'm slowly rediscovering those old painting chops I once had more readily at my disposal years ago. Only time will tell...

Snapped these in my kitchen with a horribly outdated digital camera that can't capture natural color under artificial light (a new purchase that is terribly overdue at this point)... maybe some of the work is apparent if you squint your eyes hard enough;-)

Basically, more basic underpainting foundation for Daphne... and some foreground detail for the Poseidon piece.
More to come... hopefully soon.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sketchdump Deluxe!

More crap from the SVA model sessions... 15 minutes each and with a sanguine conté crayon.
It ain't art, but it keeps me sharp and allows me to reconnect my eye/hand coordination in the hours between the endless days of Photoshop garbage that passes as "work" these days;-)

Wish I could teach this somewhere... working on it...

Halfway through the next page now and hope to have it up soon...