Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Snap... Crackle... POP!"

So... the deed is done.

I opted to show the radius and ulna in full fracture in order to communicate the unusual nature of the break... the common breaking point would be at the elbow, but the character's unique reinforced bone structure makes this almost impossible.
So, parts of his forearm bones shatter from the lock's destructive force.

You have to really look close to see the bone snapping gore... and I'm actually pleased that it turned out that way. Although it may be difficult in this scan to see the tiny metal bands around the bones and the flying broken metal clasps, they will become more apparent once the panel is cleaned up and inked properly. Color will, of course, accent the violence of the panel as will lighting... but for now, the panel communicates what it must.

Taught my last Sculpture Class at the Museum of Natural History yesterday... man, did the kids really impress this session!
I hope to post some shots of their work soon once I have access to the photos we took during class.
Here are some shots from last session:

Another Valentine's Day passes uneventfully... what a shame.
I surely hope to remedy this situation (at least temporarily) soon... but only time will tell, I suppose.
I'm just glad to be free of my recent excursion into the strange and anxiously await the next voyage when it leaves port...

For now... it's simply back to work....


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Dan Springer said...

Looks good; you should have the cartoon characters of snap, crackle and pop coming out of his arm as it breaks.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Wow..only two comments..and one of them is fake one! Ok..this makes three!

Some nice work from your must be teaching them well.

That's one big muscular, hairy arm, btw.