Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Holy Gaping Cavity, Batman...!!!

I was having some work done on my bathroom tub this morning...but I wasn't prepared for the mass destruction that followed!

It's like this... every 5 months or so, I have to get my bathtub re-caulked because the gap between the tile and the top of the tub has been slowly widening (because of faulty installation and water damage) over the 12 years that I have been here. Water runs down the side of the tub when I shower, flows through the cracks in the caulk, and leaks into the lower apartments and inner foyer of the building.
Now... if they simply replaced the tub or re-installed it properly the first time, we wouldn't need these semi-annual visitations that send my cats scurrying for cover under my bed sheets.

It's all come to a head though this morning... and the repairman says that they'll have to rip out the tub itself to effect repairs...
It's not exactly reassuring to look headlong into your building's guts and have a repair expert rip out a moisture rotten timber from the wall struts with his bare hands... so much for "structural integrity".

I'll report back as to when I'll have a proper place to belt out J-pop lyrics as soon as I get an update...
Until then, I suppose I'll have to keep the bathroom door shut to discourage wayward vermin and the odd sewer zombie from just crawling up into my apartment from the basement/sub-structure beneath the complex.

Trust me when I tell you that taking a dump in your own bathroom isn't nearly as relaxing and satisfying when you have to hear the sounds of everyone else in the building chattering away through the gaping chasm in your bathroom floor... especially when you're afraid that they might overhear you "extricating" yourself from your bodily waste!

Maybe the smell will keep the zombies away at least....

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