Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well... here goes.
I suppose that in order for me to start this out properly, I ought to anchor it with some honesty.

See the struggling artist spinning his wheels in New York City, teeth clenched against his slow and steady descent into middle age... see how he frets and rages?

So many things only half done.... half realized. Where did the easy part get off to?
Time to put my nose to the grindstone once again.

My next strip is taking absolutely forever to finish. Too many interruptions and absentee efforts. Balancing all those hats can take a terrific toll on your head. My last published story was printed over 2 years ago now... I've got to move forward instead of revising and laboring over simple transitional panels. At least the recent pages still look good to me... a small victory.

Kazuko is still in Japan and I'm still here.
What more needs to be said?

Last night, I read a random blog about a gentleman learning to deal with the recent death of his Father.
I had scarcely finished the first entry when I inexplicably became almost completely overcome with grief.
Unbelievable... almost 3 years after my own Father's passing, and I am only now partially able to allow myself some measure of grieving. It's as if I can only express my frailty among strangers, far removed from my own friends and family.
Does this reflect poorly upon me? Perhaps.
My Father taught me well....

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