Thursday, March 29, 2007


Just a quick post...
This last panel is giving me fits... but so far I'm liking the direction that it's going.
I'm just trying to get past this page so that I can finalize the wind-up sequence. I can't really be sure of how well the ending will fit until I actually start thumbnailing out the page... and that can't happen until this page gets finished.

Structure, baby... STRUCTURE.

I'll post the final panel in a day or so once it's finished completely and photocopied for delivery to my Inker.

I found these last few panels to be kinda fun... I hope that it shows in the work itself.
Here is the "drip sequence" I was talking about that immediately preceeds the big simultaneous punch panel.



The Keeper's Notes said...

Love the pencils on these pages, man..great rendering all around...Rick must be having a ball..or going nuts with all the detail like the guys hairy friggin' arms! Definitely looking forward to seeing the inks on this and how he approached it.

Greg said...

Thanks for the kind words, Justin!

I'm working on the final page of this fight now... the page following the big punch exchange you see in my most recent post (yup.. it's still going on for another page, believe it or not).

It's a fun page and I hope that you get that impression from the imagery when you finally see it.
Think "ocular puncture"...

Rick is faring alright... Lord knows he takes forever sometimes... but he usually surprises me with his sensitivity to the material. Aside from little quirky mistakes, he usually aquits himself quite admirably. His schedule lately is becoming more erratic though, so I'm getting a bit concerned. He lives so damned far away now... I just hope we can get this done by July.

Talk to you soon, buddy!