Saturday, March 31, 2007


Hmm... I wonder how those teeth taste?
Do the bicuspids pack quite the same delectable zing as the molars?

Hey.., I'm sure that there MUST be several marked advantages to having a double-jointed jaw....

It ain't over yet though, folks... the big finish comes next, and then the wind-up.
Let's hope it all works out for our heroes!


CamChes said...

Ouch! That's heavy action man. Nice pacing. Looks good Greg. It will be great reading the complete story printed up. I wish we could afford to hit San Diego this year and meet up with you. I've never been. Hopefully next year.

Greg said...

Thanks Cam!

I wish we could meet up there too... it will be my first time as well. I can't imagine a better wingman in that sort of situation... I'll certainly miss you!

Stay in touch, sir!